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 Here are what some of the participants have said about the 2011 Health and Martial Arts Festival and Symposium:
I participated in classes that were different from anything I had done before. Expanding possibilities help me understand how everything relates and help support my tai chi and qi gong learning.

A gathering of friends old and new to explore all aspects of Taijiquan. All levels were represented and new knowledge gained.

It was an opportunity to meet with top-notch talent, further develop my own skills, and cultivate riendships with other Tai Chi enthusiasts!

It is always fun to meet new friends and practice Tai Chi all day long. The workshops are a lot of fun and full of interesting info. Its's nice to socialize with folks who have your same addiction ;)

I made several new tai chi friends. Sharing our experiences inspires me to practice more. The workshops were varied and interesting. Lovely setting!

Attending the festival not only exposed me to high level taiji, as I've never even been exposed to live taiji of any level prior, but it also jumped my skill and development level exponentially. The open and generous attitudes of ALL of the higher level players was something I'll never forget and always appreciate. Not only were the Masters helpful and accessable, but they seemed to want to give as much as I wanted to receive. The facilitators of the event were extremely accomodating and enthusiastic making my experience very well worth the 10 hour drive I made to get there. It was the experience of a lifetime and while I may not truly understand the degree of the "jems" I was given by all, I can still appreciate them all the same. It seemed that everyone kept repeating the same phrase to me at one time or another, "you'll never get any better instruction and advice than what you just got from so and so".

An exceptional event: Outstanding teachers led quite a variety of workshops in a natural peaceful setting. Participants were friendly and eager to share. Looking forward to the next event. This event quite reminded me of similar events at Jou, Tsung Hwa's Farm.

Strongly recommended for beginning tai chi teachers.

Excellent opportunity to meet and learn from many high-level practitioners, and to get personal attention in the small classes.

The Tai Chi Enthusiasts Festival is a wonderful opportunity for Tai Chi devotees to come together in community and share in a beautiful venue in the true spirit of Tai Chi Chuan. John Loupos

Great way to meet other serious practitioners and experience different styles. Workshops offer techniques and ideas to improve one's practice. Also, teachers learn other teaching methods to try.

This festival was a real treat! A chance to get away from your daily routine and devote yourself to Tai Chi and nothing else for 4 days. We got exposed to many new ideas and techniques, met wonderful people and just had fun! Don't want to miss this in the future.

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