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Benefits of Sponsoring


While anyone may advertise in the program book, sponsors get some added benefits in addition to reaching the hundreds of people who attend the Health and Martial Arts Festival and Symposium.

First, we only allow organizations who are compatible with our mission to become sponsors.  We will not allow an organization to become our sponsor if they do not provide a clear, valuable, benefit to their clients, customers, or patients.  Therefore, our sponsors are perceived as "higher quality" than other organizations.

Second, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to spread the word about the health benefits of integrative practices such as Tai Chi.  Helping us is perceived by others as contributing generously to the community.

Third, the more people who practice integrative health activities such as Tai Chi, the healthier everyone gets. Although more research is needed for absolute proof, current research points to lower rates of heart attacks, lower rates of falls and broken bones, lower rates of immune disorders, lower rates of cardiovascular disorders, lower rates of metabolic disorders, lower incidences of obesity, lower rates of cancer.  When we can, as a community, lower the number of incidences of these chronic health problems, we save everyone money in healthcare costs. 

Fourth,the more people who practice integrative health activities such as Tai Chi, the more productive everyone gets. Although more research is needed, early results indicate that  people who practice Tai Chi are more focused, are sick less often, are calmer, and exhibit leadership characteristics more often than those who don't practice integrative health activities such as Tai Chi.  When we can, as a community, raise our collective productivity, we increase the health, wealth, and well being of everyone.

Fifth and finally, we are able to produce these nearly miraculous changes in our health at a very low cost; no expensive surgical procedures, no dangerous or expensive pills, no uncomfortable waits or painful events.  Just a consistent, slow, careful series of forms that, when done daily and practiced mindfully, achieve spectacular results.

Don't you want to be known as a supporter of a practice that can achieve so much?  Email CJ Rhoads and commit to helping out today.
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